Akers going to China with Viki King and Robert McKee

My book is now out in Chinese. Oddly, with Jack Black on the cover. I’ve been invited to speak in a week or so at the Beijing Screenwriting Seminar. Robert McKee, Viki King, and myself…

Should be a fascinating trip. I’ve never been west of Venice Beach…

I’ll report in from Beijing.



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5 responses to “Akers going to China with Viki King and Robert McKee

  1. i got ur book in the jack black cover version ( i am from hong kong.) it was fantastic , as well as the mckee and king’s book , but i do finds ur books much more helpful during the re-write process and thank you for these wonderful tips .

    • yourscreenplaysucks

      I am so pleased you like the book! Isn’t the Jack Black cover great! Thank you for getting it and I am happy it is proving helpful.

  2. Jeff Burns

    Hi William,

    Almost through your book – very wise! Can you tell me if Screen Treatments have a “Hollywood” format that is as “picky” as the screenplay? Layout, font etc.



    • yourscreenplaysucks

      Sorry I took so long to respond. I was in China and they don’t let you access WordPress.
      Treatments are not picky compared to scripts. Times New Roman, Courier, Cambria… Arial. Whatever font looks good.
      Go to johnaugust.com to see some treatments.
      Good luck!

  3. Please, tell us about your trip to China!

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