Michael Wiese changed my life

In 2008, Michael Wiese agreed to publish my book. At the time, I had no idea how much Your Screenplay Sucks! would change my life.

Michael died last week at his home in England.

This blog exists because of the book. I was invited to go to China, France, and England because of the book. I’ve made friends, earned money, had fun, and helped writers all over the world because Michael gave my book the nod.

He was a gentleman and always supportive. He heard me speak at a film festival in Albuquerque and, at lunch after, gave me some of the finest encouragement of my life. His thoughtful words helped keep me going through less-than-happy times.

His decision to start the Your Screenplay Sucks! engine not only improved my life, but those of countless writers. 

Thank you Michael, thank you so very much.

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  1. Richard Michael Lucas

    My condolences. A lot of great info came through that man, your book included.

    Hope you are well. ________________________________

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