PODCAST #4!!! Your hero better want something… and badly!

Click up there at PODCASTS and hear the latest in a series of conversations between me, author of Your Screenplay Sucks! and Kelley Baker, author of The Angry Filmmaker Survival Guide.

We went to film school together (AFTER the invention of electricity, I’ll have you know) and have much the same filmmaking sensibilities. Kelley has written, directed, produced, or done sound on A LOT of movies. I let him do most of the serious talking.

This week, give a listen as we talk about why the hero in your move needs to WANT something. If you don’t know anything about your character but what she wants, you’re well on your way to a successful film. Hope you enjoy the podcast and hope you learn a lot.

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One response to “PODCAST #4!!! Your hero better want something… and badly!

  1. Ella

    Hi 🙂
    Just want to say how useful and inspiring I found your book – I was left with the feeling that writing a decent screenplay is possible with hard work and a critical eye.

    I am in the UK so trying to focus my work towards the British film/television market. I suppose I figured it would be easier to make it in the place where I’m at!

    If I did decide that I fancied a crack at *whispers* Hollywood, would you recommend moving over? Or is it better to wait until someone is vaguely interested in my work before skipping across the pond?

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