Know Thy Antagonist!

My son’s a writer. Go figure.

He’s made a living as a writer since he graduated from college. He’s a game designer, had five or six plays produced in New York and now, he’s got a novel coming out. The folks at Save The Cat! asked him to write a guest column.

Interestingly, he and I reached the same storytelling conclusion, separately. Know what your Antagonist wants. And, importantly, why does she want it? It’s the whole ball game. Everything good and useful flows from those two decisions.

I’ll let him tell you about it.

Please pass this post around to your writer buddies and your reader buddies. Repurposing his existing material means I just had my morning handed back to me and I’d like to help the guy sell a few books!


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3 responses to “Know Thy Antagonist!

  1. Done! Glad to share, and CONGRATS!!!

  2. Andres

    Excellent article over at Save the Cat!

    Questions, since maybe I’ve gotten lost in translation:
    Was this article really written by your son?
    Is he named like you? (wouldn’t think so since you wouldn’t give a main character a similar name to the protagonist..)
    Did they mess it up when they provided your bio?
    Is this all part of your evil twisted plan?

    • yourscreenplaysucks

      He is my son. I named him after me and it’s a pain in the neck. He goes by W.M. Akers professionally to keep it straight.
      I wish I had an evil plan. It might beat the benevolent one I’ve been pursuing.
      Glad you liked his article. The Save the Cat folks were pleased.
      He’s got two detective novels out now, Westside, and Westside Saints. They’re VERY good.
      This is his website:
      Tell your writer buddies about I’ve been posting regularly of late, so there’s new material… not to mention older posts like this one.
      Enjoy your writing,

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