My novel is here!!

Visit a bookstore near you and get your hands on Mrs. Ravenbach’s Way.
Get your hands on several copies!

About the war between a 4th grade boy and the Lucifer of teachers, it is now in bookstores and Amazon. Published by Regan Arts in New York, it’s darkly hilarious and was the most fun I’ve ever had writing.

Hope you like it. Tell all your your friends! Share on social media!

Take a peek at the book trailer:




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4 responses to “My novel is here!!

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  2. Blane

    Hi, this story for your novel, is really good.
    I could see this being picked up. Would make a great TV show.
    Any samples for us to read? And are you doing part 2?

  3. Lauren

    Is there still a Yourscreenplaystillsucks book coming out? The follow up to first one.

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