Work on the big stuff first.

Don’t waste time on sentences if you haven’t fixed your paragraphs. Don’t waste time on the paragraph if you haven’t fixed the page. Worry about big picture first, then the details.

If you spend a monumental amount of time tweaking sentences and then cut the whole scene, you will feel like an idiot.

This is true in editing as well as writing. Get the story structure right, then start worrying about what’s happening in the scenes.

What you don’t want to do, ever, ever, ever, ever, is spend one second on something you’re going to throw away later.


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4 responses to “Work on the big stuff first.

  1. Ron

    Simply love this post. I like it when script experts simplify the art.
    Great advice Sir! Pushing me to finish on of my epic fantasy script. I believe it. It’ s fun and colorful and tons of action. Eg. like Avatar.

    I believe James Cameron writes a simple script before the actual final script.

    • yourscreenplaysucks


      Thank you for the kind words. Yeah, simple is sometimes better.
      Good luck with your script. Finishing something is a great, great feeling.
      Tons of action sounds like the exact right amount.


  2. Sam

    I always get bogged down by over-tweaking. Good post!

    • yourscreenplaysucks

      It’s sad to cut something that you spent eons making perfect… Much easier to cut before you invest all that blood toil tears and sweat. How well do I know that particular pain…

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