A tad more on happy endings.

Yesterday, watched a very old movie with Gerard Depardieu. At the end, he’s dead. It’s very sad. I felt awful.


They bury him outside the walls of a lonely fort in a Saharan desert hell, with a ton of his loyal soldiers looking on. And his young and elegant wife. And their little boy, holding her hand… His adoring commander says wonderful things about dead Depardieu. It made me feel a little better. Then, the little boy looks to one side and there, standing on the edge of the desert is the Arab soldier whose life Depardieu had saved long ago.

The boy runs over and takes his hand. They tell each other their names. I got choked up.

Then the Arab puts the boy on a camel and they take a ride. Wonderfully moving. I felt great.

And that’s all the happy ending I needed. Just a bit to make me fee there is hope for us all. And as I felt that jolt of a feeling, I thought I should share it.



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2 responses to “A tad more on happy endings.

  1. Mendes

    I just saw your blog. I had a happy ending in my spec script.
    Had a reader who told me to take that out. And he was talking like a dude who likes to talk loosy-goosy. (his delvp notes to me read like a rap song) ,His cursed me out and called me so many names and said I was a big dummy and lacked brain to make it How can I deal with a Reader who writes with so much negative and disrespectful attitude. I googled his name and he is a nobody. He just got a basic job and does this Reading on the side. So frustrating to meet Readers who talk like rappers or rebellious Rock n Roll star and big shots when they are a nobody? Ready, they are not stars who make gig money!!! And he never made a movie, never sold a script and never did anything cool or big budget. Please advise how to deal with someone who cursed out my happy ending.

    • yourscreenplaysucks

      Good grief.

      I am so sorry you ran into that jerk. Did you pay him? Ask for your money back. Disrespect toward someone you are trying to help is idiotic. Be VERY pleasant and very polite. No matter how angry you are at him, never let him know. Just in case he becomes a studio head someday, he’ll remember you were polite and pleasant.

      “Never burn a bridge.”
      Friend of mine who used to be President of the TV Academy.

      He’s a moron. Just dismiss him from your mind (not easy to do) and ignore any advice of his you don’t agree with. Take what you can use and the forget the rest of it.

      I’m sorry he upset you. Basically, you get to say to yourself all the things you said to me, and then move on. Do not let him know you are upset. Just thank him for the notes, wish him luck if you want to, and lose his email address. You know what you know. He’ll never understand. As Louis Armstrong said, “There are some people that if they don’t know, you can’t tell them.”

      Again, it’s your script. Your work, that you are writing to please yourself. If someone else likes it, fine. If they don’t, that’s not as fine, but there’s nothing you can do about it. Press on and take two pieces of advice from my mother. She’s 85. I heard her say this a LONG time ago, and I’ve never forgotten.

      “If he were any smarter, he’d be doing something else.”
      “He must not be very happy.”

      In short, don’t deal with someone abusively negative. They’re a waste of your valuable time.

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