Picking the right genre… Write what’s natural…

I’d like to change what I said in the first book, if you’ll allow me to rewrite history a little bit.

I said, “write what you’re interested in.” I said, “what genre of movies do you watch the most? That’s probably the kind of movie you should write.”

It is better to suggest that you write the kind of movie that is natural for you to write. Not necessarily what interests you or the kind of movies you find yourself watching all the time… Like shoot ’em ups, or caper films, or intense political thrillers… These are the kinds of movies that I enjoyed watching.

I have absolutely no business writing them.

I need to write things that come easily to me and so should you. Stretching outside your comfort zone as far as genre can be a disastrous waste of time. You have very little time to waste even if you’re 19 years old.

It sounds weird, but one day you wake up and you’ll be 45. You’ll wonder what happened. You’ll wonder where the time went. You’ll wonder why you wrote all those screenplays you should not have written.

Of course, they seemed like good ideas at the time.

While you’re making it, a mistake causes very little pain. It’s only way later that you wake up in the dark, screaming.


But then, again… if you don’t push yourself, you don’t learn anything new.
So, disregard my suggestion if you like.
Just be careful when you do it.


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