Dragon Dictate… voice recognition is finally here.

The word a day for today is “amanuensis.” I’ve been pronouncing it wrong for a long time. But anyway.

That’s a person employed to take dictation or copy manuscripts, something mere mortals generally can’t afford.

Now you can have one of your very own, for a one time payment.

My answer to every writer’s problem…

Dragon Dictate voice recognition software.
I dictate in the car and on the treadmill. Makes car journeys go faster and makes the treadmill, which I loathe, fly by. Sometimes, I do it sitting in my office… just talking.
And it cranks out pages as fast as you can talk. Very useful for brainstorming.
It’s REALLY good and barely makes any mistakes.

Cleaning it up doesn’t take a lot of time, and reinforces what you wrote, anyway.

You have to put the punctuation in while you talk. “Comma” “Period” “New Paragraph” and that is fairly easy to get used to. I’ve written two books via dictation and Dragon Dictate makes having an assistant no longer crucial.

My thought for the morning.



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3 responses to “Dragon Dictate… voice recognition is finally here.

  1. Jim Myers

    This just changed my mood, let alone my world.

  2. William

    Is this available for phones, tablets? Or just the PC? I have never heard of it.

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