Gonna Be At The Story Expo?

Howdy, howdy!!

I’m giving two talks next Saturday at the Los Angeles Story Expo.


Everybody in the screenwriting world will be there, including me.

I’ll be pontificating about: Beating Writer’s Block. Working on that lecture now, and, to my surprise, I have a LOT to say on the subject.

I’ll also give a talk from Your Screenplay STILL Sucks! Greatest hits from my upcoming book. Well, it’s upcoming if I can finish writing it.

So, hope to see you next weekend in Los Angeles.




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2 responses to “Gonna Be At The Story Expo?

  1. Clint

    Looking forward to buying “Your Screenplay Still Sucks!” when it comes out, Bill, hopefully before they put me in the Old Writers Home. Every day you delay a sale goes away!

    • yourscreenplaysucks

      Yeah, buddy.
      Some other writing stuff is going on now, and those developments have lit a fire under me to get Your Screenplay STILL Sucks! finished. I’ve got 94,000 words done, but I have a lot more to cram in there before I have what I’d call a first pass. But, I’m motivated and want to put in a few long writing stretches to get it done.

      Glad you’re not in the Old Writers Home yet.

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