EDGE OF TOMORROW – Tom Cruise & Emily Blunt Can Pick ‘Em!

Go see EDGE OF TOMORROW and read NOTHING about it ahead of time if you can.
I knew nothing of the story whatsoever. Lucky me!

I knew the movie had a good Rotten Tomatoes rating, and that’s all I knew. Well, I knew who was in it.

It is SO fresh, so new, so interesting, so surprising… it will make an ocean of money and the screenwriters are to be congratulated over and over and over because all those who are connected with the film got work, got paid, will profit, etc. All because someone had a VERY COOL IDEA and executed it beautifully.

I’d love to see the first draft or the pitch pages, to see how it worked its way through development.

I have not seen a movie that I enjoyed this much in a long time. Certainly not this year.

It’s been out a while, so it will be leaving the theater soon, but it’s well worth a trip to the theater. Don’t wait for DVD or whatever the hell people wait for these days. Shell out the big bucks and enjoy yourself.

The script is so complex, and so is the movie, but it’s never hard to follow. It must have hurt their heads to write. Hat’s off to them all!

Let me know what you think.



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2 responses to “EDGE OF TOMORROW – Tom Cruise & Emily Blunt Can Pick ‘Em!

  1. jeremybloom

    Yes! Couldn’t agree more. REALLY well written, acted, and executed.
    I was a LITTLE disappointed in the finale (for basically the same reason you were disappointed by The Adjustment Bureau), but I was SO happy with everything else that I was willing to hand it to them.
    Goddamn, I DO like good writing…. 😀

  2. M

    Omg its a mix of ground hog day, the longest day (D-Day in ww2 landings in Normandie) and and a little touch of the Davinci Code ( Louvre Paris) …. However I was still entertained by Tom Cruise

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