6 Pages To A Page

Final Draft has a cool feature that comes in handy from time to time.

Then (on my version) in a little pulldown bar: Final Draft.
Pages Per Sheet

Print your whole script, 6 pages of script per page of paper. You can still read it, even though it’s pretty small. The whole script on 20 pages!

This is useful when looking at big sweeping arcs through the story. Mark up, say, the B story, with one color… and you can lay out the pages and see your whole story with that one highlighted. You can learn all kinds of things when you see the whole movie laid out on 20 pages. Literally, laid out on the dining room table.

I just did it, which is why it’s on my mind.

Found a lot of stuff that needed massaging, so it’s worth it. Kill a few trees, but make your script better!



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2 responses to “6 Pages To A Page

  1. Scottmontreal

    Mr. Akers, in your book, you say to use the Warner Brothers template in Final Draft. That is not the default. Do industry mucky mucks care or notice if one submits a screenplay based on the Warner Brothers or the default F.D. template? (Because the default squeeze about 3% more content in the same page count). Thanks for your advice.

    • yourscreenplaysucks

      I think Warner Bros. is no longer an option… either is fine. I like Warner Bros. because it forces me to be tight…

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