Working on the Sequel!

Well, boys and girls… I have emerged from five days at my house in the woods after working on Your Screenplay STILL Sucks!.

Went with my buddy Kelley Baker, author of The Angry Filmmaker series of guides to filmmaking. Why would I want to spend five days in the woods with an Angry Filmmaker? Because he’s really fun to be around and can cook a mean steak.

A few years back, we did this. Each of us sat at an end of my giant dining room table and worked on our books. This time, the sequels!

I have got 80,000 words, which is the length of the first book. Of course, they’re not the right words, but at least it’s a start. One thing I did this time, which was not a stupid move, was spend a LOT more time with the Table of Contents before I started any writing. The first book, which I dictated into a micro cassette recorder, was a higgledy piggledy mess when it first was put together. Yuk. Took forever to get it in decent shape.

I hope this one will be better.

What I find amazing is that I still have so much to say on the subject of writing.

A whole book’s worth. Kinda blows my tiny pea brain mind.

Hope you’ve made some progress on your work. I sure have on mine.



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23 responses to “Working on the Sequel!

  1. Clint Robertson

    This is great news! I’ll want a copy ASAP. Say when it’s available in print of e-book. Your first is a book I always recommend to the budding screenwriters whose screenplays stop me after a few pages, and now the sequel. I’m always referring to the first book myself, and now there’s one to keep it company. Looking forward to it. And I hope you have at least one more in you for the trilogy; then you can sell them as a set! Thanks!


    • yourscreenplaysucks


      I’m inspired to keep cranking on this thing. It was fun putting it together the past few days. Now it needs a lot more content and a LOT more smoothing out…
      Thank you for the kind words. Very glad you like the book.


  2. Hey, way to go. “Not the right words.” I love that.

  3. Jan H

    Table of Contents – brilliant. Thank you that will move things along at a much faster clip.

    • yourscreenplaysucks

      Even if it’s going to be shuffled later, at least it’s in a decent order at this point… a solid place to jump off from!


  4. Avishai Weinberger

    Wow. I read your first book back when it came out 6 years ago. I was 14. Can’t wait for the sequel.

    • yourscreenplaysucks

      Hope you like it!
      Hope I finish it soon!
      Tell your writer buddies that it’s coming.

  5. JR

    Look forward to it! The first book was so great, I’m curious what new information you’ll have in new one.

    • yourscreenplaysucks

      It’s not new. It’s just the same stuff, but in different order!
      It’ll seem new.
      I don’t expect anyone to notice.

  6. Richard

    Dedicate ten chapters to how to get an agent hahahahaha

    • yourscreenplaysucks

      Or, one paragraph.
      Hell, less than that.

      Q: How to get an agent?
      A: Have a friend who knows an agent.

      • It was hard enough writing a screenplay that sucked.

        Okay, your book helped me get past that. But now, you tell me I have to have a friend … and not just any friend but a friend who knows an agent?

        Damn, this is going to be harder than I thought.

      • yourscreenplaysucks

        It’s a lot harder than anyone thinks. Another way to get an agent is to have found a deal that needs to be negotiated. Call the agent up and say, “I need you to negotiate a deal for me. You’ll get ten percent for making a phone call.” That works too. Generally.

    • Clint Robertson

      How to get an agent: Write a great story.

  7. Clint

    Hey, Bill ! (if I may be so bold as to presume we would be on a first-name basis) What’s the status on the sequel? Will there be a Kindle version? All the best!

    • yourscreenplaysucks

      The sequel is in several boxes in my office. One of these days I’ll get to it. Dying to get it done. Have enough material for two more books, which is amazing. I thought the first book would save the world. The world, apparently, still needs saving!

  8. William

    Any hints on what’s in the book?

    I am eager to read more on outlining, and scene development.

    What I have learned so far (which isn’t much) is that if you can’t even write a scene, don’t bother trying to write a whole play.

    So, paired my focus down to writing good scenes and that has helped a lot.

    I think putting a whole play together is a much deeper level of skill set that should come later At least that’s what I am finding now.

    You had a wonderful Boyle sheet in your first book which helped. I would love to see a whole chapter on just that.

    • yourscreenplaysucks

      I love the idea of working on the small pieces, the scenes, and getting that aspect right… and then attacking the fortress that is a whole script. Makes perfect sense to me.

      Also think a chapter on scene construction is a GREAT idea. Thank you!

  9. William

    I actually had a follow up question to your second book plan.

    I have been reading about this scene/sequel business of writing from a few experts. The idea is to have two paired scenes one of which is formally called a scene, that has the action. The second is confusingly called a “sequel” which shows the reaction to what just happened.

    In the context of your first book, this looks like your Boyle sheet and both scene/sequel get covered in your Boyle sheet. I was hoping you could comment on that?

    I am reading quite a bit on scene structure now and it just occurs to me that your Boyle sheet covers the scene and sequel pairings in one shot.

    Many screenwriting books don’t even mention “sequel”, which causes even more confusion.

    Do you have a comment at all about this Scene/Sequel writing strategy that is being passed around? I can send you urls of it, but I imagine you’ve already stumbled on it.


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