Rewrite Everything

Just found this sentence in the piece I’m working on. One little sentence in a pile of pages.

The hope and fear that rip through Dave are heartbreaking.

It had slipped past several rewrites and then I actually saw it. And paid attention. Too wordy. One twist too complex. Too hard for the reader to understand… required thought to figure out, rather than the reader being able to just read it and know what it meant. Instantly. So, I fixed it.

Hope and fear rip through Dave. Heartbreaking.

Suddenly, it became more active. Became more better!



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2 responses to “Rewrite Everything

  1. Carol Ann

    A quote from Raymond Chandler:
    Throw up on the typewriter in the morning and clean it in the afternoon.

    • yourscreenplaysucks

      Carol Ann,

      Damn fine advice.

      The “I won’t write because it won’t be perfect” Syndrome is derailed when you really think of it as garbage that you are putting on paper… fix it later.


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