Nice news for a client!

One of my consulting clients (who read my book, and then sent me two drafts of their script for my notes) just got selected as a Nicholl Fellowship quarterfinalist.

This is fantastic news.

7,200 scripts were entered.
Of those, 1,100 were previous quarterfinalists, finalists, or winners.
Her script is one of 372 quarterfinalists.

Fingers crossed for the semifinals!



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3 responses to “Nice news for a client!

  1. Melody Lopez

    that is awesome!!! congrats to both of you!!

    • Carole

      Naturally, I had to google Nicholl Award (I’m so naive in these matters) . Very impressive. You must be proud to have your DNA in the script’s birthing process.

      • yourscreenplaysucks

        The Nicholl is THE #1 screenwriting contest. To get this far is quite a wonderful thing. The client has repeatedly told me that she would never, ever have gotten this far without my help. THAT warms my black heart no end!

        And yes, I am very very proud. It is why I wrote the book and why I do the consulting. Well, to be helpful and make money. No one cares how good your book is at the grocery store checkout lane. They just want the check to clear.

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