Logic is king, queen, and pope rolled into one.

You better pay attention to it.

Just because you wrote it, doesn’t mean it makes sense. Just because you see a scene flowing effortlessly by on the page, doesn’t mean the reader won’t shriek out, “What the hell?!” and throw your script across the room.

When you say something in a scene, like a fact, then that fact, now established, flows forward through the story, always true until you make a statement that changes it. Whether you remember it was there or not.

I just repaired a logic flaw in the script I am working on.

Scene 31.
Our heros talk about some guys they want to hire. The guys are “In from St. Louis.” is the dialogue.

Scene 32.
Airport. The three guys from St. Louis get off a plane.


How can they get off a plane in Scene 32 when, in the previous scene, they are already in town?!

And, this mistake has been in the script for draft after draft after draft. No one noticed until just now.

Don’t do what I did.
Be smarter.

But at least I found it!



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3 responses to “Logic is king, queen, and pope rolled into one.

  1. Melody Lopez

    I’m curious if in your mind you meant to write “the Guys are coming in from St. Louis” and somehow in editing it to sound like “real” dialog…it made sense to remove a word? not sure…but sure glad you caught it!

    • Carole

      Imagination is not linear nor logical.
      Planting ideas on paper requires pruning.

      • Carole

        Curious how you solved the problem–did you keep scene where guys get off plane and heros reference it in a later scene or did you cut scene where they get off plane?

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