A script consulting client of mine has won a contest or two with her screenplay. Her script is a finalist in another contest. Big time Hollywood folks have told her they want to help get her movie made.

After reading my book and spending months and months rewriting her script based on the book, this client has been through my critiquing process three times…

And today, I got a big box in the mail.

Required the signature of someone over 21. My favorite kind of delivery!

There was a thank you card inside. Along with…


My answer to that “thank you,” is YOU’RE WELCOME!



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5 responses to “I APPLAUD THIS BEHAVIOR!

  1. Ian

    Congrats. That’s amazing.

  2. This is awesome, Will!

    You know, I can hear your voice in every post you write.

    In addition to being a great writer, you’re a GENUINE writer. Your personality blasts through, and it’s always loads of fun to read what you write.

    I look forward to every one of ‘em.



  3. Carole

    Got your book from the library–plan to buy one after I pay the overdue fine.
    My first screenplay in the works. Not sure what will happen, but it’s the journey, right?

    • yourscreenplaysucks

      It’s only the journey. You have to enjoy the process. If you are doing it for the money and not the process / journey, and you don’t get any money, you’ll feel you’ve wasted your time. Ick.

      • Carole

        Thanks for the reply. Money is never the muse. In any case, I’m keeping my day job. Best wishes on your journey, too.

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