Still trimming…

This time, on my children’s novel.

I dictated it. Maybe that’s the culprit. Who knows?

Remember, all this is a process. You can’t beat yourself up for not solving problem #7 earlier. You have to solve #1 – #6 first. As you move forward, new problems are revealed. It’s a process. It takes time. You have to be patient and work and work until you’ve finally solved all the problems.

A good friend read it for me. She’s written a bunch of books. She knows what she’s doing. Among her other notes, she said, “It’s too long.”

It only took that one note for me to get cracking with my red pen. I went through a hard copy and cut and cut and cut and CUT.

Amazing how many times characters said something, and then said the same thing again. In a slightly different way, but essentially the same thing. Again and again that happened. Again and again, I cut stuff that was not the main character’s story. That’s what it’s about, the main character. If we wandered down some path, even if it was two sentences, that wasn’t going to bring us to the main character’s problem, I cut it.

I did a lot of cutting. Went from 47,000 words to 41,000 words and remember, I pride myself on writing TIGHT. Ooops. Must not have done.

I may have cut a scene or two. Once, I cut a whole page. But mostly, it was termite time. Just eating away slowly but surely.

Very much looking forward to printing it and reading the new (improved!) version.

Hope the story still works. Hope I didn’t destroy it.

My guess is, there won’t be anything that is missed. Zilch.


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