I Haven’t Forgotten You…

It just seems that way.

Spending my time prepping a pitch for a TV series and rewriting a gangster screenplay. Pretty much all consuming and I haven’t had time or energy to give any thought to my beloved little blog.

Gotta get out there and try to earn a few pennies.

In the next few weeks, am headed to my house in the woods to concentrate on the sequel to Your Screenplay Sucks!. Thinking about calling it: Your Screenplay STILL Sucks! or, with a little hope, Your Screenplay Sucks LESS!.


Back to work.

Enjoy your writing.



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3 responses to “I Haven’t Forgotten You…

  1. H.H. Nigontyne

    That’s great to hear! I’ll buy that book, that’s sure.

    Your site is the best; its direct and no-nonsense approach quickly gets me to the answer I seek, O wise one. A lot like your book. Hmmmm.

    How about an unsolicited pitch for your book? O.K.! Here it is:
    Your Screenplay Missed…

    And of course it’s filled with all manner of sage advice on everything that went missing DESPITE following “Your Screenplay Sucks!” to the letter. You decide whether to end the title with ellipses or an exclamation point, though.

    P.S. – Apologies for incorrect message formatting. Italics and underlining are not available to me here.

  2. Wonderful news! 🙂

  3. Stick with – Your Screenplay STILL Sucks! Your first book, I bought soley because of the title alone. I figured if a guy had the guts to put that on the cover… it’s gotta be good! Well worth the ducats.

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