…when looking at a scene…

Here are some things I ask myself, about every scene… not every time, but regularly.

How can this be better?
How can this be more emotional?
How can this be more about my main character?
What was the audience feeling before the scene?
What is the audience feeling at the end of this scene?
Is there as a surprise in the scene?
What do we learn in the scene?
What new information?
How has the story moved forward?

Have you got questions that you ask about scenes?
Care to share?
I’d love to hear.



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3 responses to “…when looking at a scene…

  1. Melody lopez

    I ask…

    Is it too long for the intent of the scene/beat?
    Is it too short and am I missing a chance to really milk something emotional, funny, scary, conflicting?
    Am I missing an opportunity to put in a rhyming scene, Easter egg type set-up/pay off in a hopefully clever and/or emotionally compelling way?
    Is there some other way to show it vs tell?
    Is this the right time to reveal —— in the story…can it wait or is it too late?
    Can someone other then me understand what I am trying to say?
    Do people have to flip back pages in order to remind themselves of a detail?
    If this were someone’s else’s work what note would I give them?
    What note would Blake Snyder give me?
    Am I making a Will Akers YOUR SCREENPLAY SUCKS mistake?

    • yourscreenplaysucks

      Excellent thoughts! I love the “is there some other way to show vs. tell!” I need that kick in the pants myself.

  2. J McGee

    Thanks for those insights, they will help with my current project.

    I look for the caterpillar action, you know, where the caterpillar pulls itself up and you wait holding your breath, for the caterpillar to lean reaching forward for the next footing.

    The double bonus is if the scene makes me laugh out loud when I’m reading it back, ok, so I like comedic adventures.

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