Never hurts to read another book…

Currently re-reading The Lean Forward Moment by Norman Hollyn. He’s the editing teacher at Univ. of Southern California. It’s a book about filmmaking, but it has a lot about writing and storytelling. A lot that is giving me ideas about how to go about rewriting the feature script I’m working on. It’s not a writing book, but it jostles my grey cells in interesting ways.

I read, then make notes about MY script.
And read.
And more notes.
And more notes.
And more.

And then I will go to my one line outline and start thinking about this rewrite and how I can make it work. And Norm’s book will have helped.

I’ve got a couple of VERY old books on screenwriting that I am going to dig into next. Looking forward to seeing what that will bring to the surface.

The main thing to keep FIRMLY in mind, is that your first draft (and mine) is in no way the last draft. Neither is your tenth. It’s a process and you have to go through it. So do I. I wish my scripts could spring fully formed like Athena from the head of Zeus, but it’s not happening that way. Nor are the Writing Elves doing the work they are supposed to while I sleep. I have to do it.



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3 responses to “Never hurts to read another book…

  1. Melody Lopez

    I have writing elves… they visit me in my sleep and give me that one liner that will nail the moment for me… but then I fail to write it down…and I have to rifle through my memories for hours before I remember it…and suddenly it doesn’t feel like it nails it anymore…

    I strongly recommend you also review Michael Hauge’s Six Stage Plot Structure…I’m trying to summarize my story (and its necessary revision) by following his structure…and BOY has the process pointed out how CONVOLUTED my original story was… mainly because I had so much BACKSTORY being revealed in dialog…and it was TOO MANY PRIOR ENTANGLEMENTS that were muddying up the hero’s journey…

    you know what though? I’m honest about it. I’m not blinded by what I believe is my own brilliance. I tackle it knowing what my first draft had was the start of the final vision…

    YOU DON’T GIVE BIRTH TO AN ADULT- Randall Wallace said that to me and the crowd attending a screening of BRAVEHEART…in response to my question of how he got the story so layered… and man oh man is that story layered and insanely great!!!! he said he doesn’t show anyone his draft until its his 12 revision… and then he acknowledged that others helped too..(though not in those exact words)….

    It takes a village…

    • yourscreenplaysucks

      It takes a lot of people to get a screenplay written.
      A lot.
      VERY few writers can just do it alone in a vacuum.
      And hat’s off to them!

  2. Thanks for sharing. I’ll be sure to check out your recommended reading.

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