…the pages add up…

I’ve been writing every morning now for a while. No one talks to me. The room is dark. It’s dark outside. I’ve got my French radio station on. No commercials. No interruptions.

And the pages pile up.

Because I print my work every day in case for some reason my laptop decides to turn into a hunk of plastic and thin aluminum… I can walk over to my side desk and there are the pages. Pages I wrote. They stack up. It feels good.

The key, for me, is to do it every morning. I have other things to do the rest of the day, but the morning is mine. And the pages pile up.

I do not read my work while I’m pushing pages out the end of the machine. I readjust the outline continually… moving things and editing and cutting and redoing… as the script dictates. Deep in the script (at p. 102) I’m realizing the outline is wrong here and there. So it improves. The back of the script won’t match the front. No matter. It’s a first draft. A pile of pages. It’s sure not a script yet.

But it will be.

Quite satisfying to have that physical pile of paper to look at and think, “I did that.” It may suck, but at least it’s there, ready to be repaired.



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3 responses to “…the pages add up…

  1. Melody Lopez

    that’s why I like it when a friend called the first draft.. “WORDS ON PAPER”… its not really a draft but the ideas out of your head in printed words on paper you can hold… the first draft really comes after lots of editing of the words on paper/structure etc…don’t ya figure?? I sure hope so…cause goodness knows the first time I ever reached FADE OUT… I looked at all the BLACK on the page and had a sense of the TOO MANY CHARACTERS and the weakness of my BAD GUYS (cause I focused on my LEAD character to get her story OUT of my HEAD)… I knew it was far from perfect…but too infant to yet call a draft that could be EDITED ala “YOUR SCREENPLAY SUCKS” rules… So to me that first full copy that goes from FADE IN to FADE OUT is really WORDS ON PAPER… at least in my case… and I’m proud to have reached that moment we can say to ourselves BRAVO and only hand that draft to people who will keep to themselves that there is a whole lot of merited PU. But if these are good note givers they will look past the rawness and know that no one gives birth to an adult and with their gentle guidance, fresh eyes and objective expertise, the REAL work can begin toward INSANELY GREAT! At least I sure hope so!!! LOL


    There’s a reason first drafts are called “Puke Drafts.” Hemingway once wrote that “all first drafts stink.” He knew a little something about writing. All great stories, either in books or film, have to start somewhere.

    So write the damn thing…and worry about fixing it later!

    • yourscreenplaysucks

      I think Mr. H. said, “The first draft of anything is shit.” But, either way, I wholly agree.

      He also said, “There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed.”

      I agree with that one too.

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