How To Get An Agent

Just got an Email from a screenwriting website. “How To Get An Agent.”

How monumentally depressing. I didn’t read the email. I’ve got a great agent. I’m lucky. I’ve got stuff he thinks he can sell.

I’ve had eleven agents in my career. I’m lucky. Eleven people have agreed to represent my work. And I have gotten every single agent the same way, which is the only way I know of to get an agent:

Have someone tell the agent that you’re a great writer.

That’s it.
Simple, isn’t it?!

Now you know the secret, you don’t have to take any classes in how to get an agent!
Not that it’s generally possible to get an agent that way.
So maybe take a class.
If you do, and you learn something useful, please tell us about it.


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One response to “How To Get An Agent

  1. Melody Lopez

    I’m glad you’ve had good experiences with getting an agent. But I am so lucky to not only have Will Akers and his blog to give me sound advise but I have the words of the late, great Blake Snyder, ringing in my head. He was all about focusing on encouraging the writer to write a “screenplay that will sell itself.” He promised, “when the time comes, agents magically appear.”

    I believed him then and still do. I think I probably added the word magically to his quote above… but you get the idea… moral of the story: no class needed, insanely great screenplay- will do the trick!

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