Have INCREDIBLY POWERFUL emotional moments! THE INTOUCHABLES does!!!

This may be the most important thing of all. Ever. Ever.

When you’ve got an outline, or if you don’t have one… ask yourself, “How can I make the viewer FEEL something that is going to knock their socks off?!”

What can you do to make them smile?
Want to leave the theater they’re so afraid?
Feel so, so, so, so good about life and themselves and everything in between?

Here’s an example of the latter. From THE INTOUCHABLES.

If you haven’t watched the preceeding hour of the movie, the clip is not going to do for you what it did for me in the theater, but here it is anyway.

Sadly, the entire clip isn’t here, but you’ll get the point. At 00:26 seconds, when the music changes and the image cuts… it BLEW ME OUT OF THE BACK OF THE THEATER. I choked up, got misty eyed and felt better about life and myself and the world at large than I had in eons. It was spectacular. I was GRINNING in the theater I was so happy. This clip made me feel totally blissed out happy.

That’s an emotion.

And it was the writer who came up with the idea. He may not have thought of the music, but the basic scene was written down someplace.

Yay writers! Yay emotion. Have some in your script. Have some very very very strong emotion in several places and you’ll get your movie made.


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One response to “Have INCREDIBLY POWERFUL emotional moments! THE INTOUCHABLES does!!!

  1. Rebekka Brown

    This film felt real!

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