Churchill rewrote. So can you.

Winston Churchill won a Nobel prize for literature. A worthy goal to strive for.

You’re most likely writing on a computer. His secretary took dictation on a typewriter. She had to make zero mistakes. None. Not any.

This is what she used, and made no mistakes. And some of you won’t run your spellcheck.

And, the material that didn’t have to be signed and sent out, he rewrote.

And rewrote.

And rewrote some more.

The guy cared about getting it right. So should we all. Of course, if he didn’t choose the exact right words, his country would have lost a war. Just because you won’t lose a war doesn’t mean you shouldn’t care about making every single sentence as good as you possible can. Just because you wrote it, doesn’t mean you can’t rewrite it.

That’s what Churchill did.


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