… silence means… “No.”

If you’re over 35, you’re used to people giving you answers to questions. Silly you.

Email (the most likely culprit) has been here a while and the workload from it is crushing. People are drowning in work and wake up in the morning knowing they’re not going to catch up all day long. It’s an awful feeling.

What has been jettisoned, and it’s tough to deal with because nobody made an announcement, is politeness. Nothing can be done about it, but understand that it has happened.

No one says “No.” any more. They do not have time.
If you ask a question, and get no answer, the answer was “No.”
If you give someone something to read and never hear back, the answer was “No.”
95% of the time they have not lost your work. They just don’t have time to respond.

It took me a LONG time to figure this out. I would wait and wait and wait for someone “to get back to me,” and then I’d hound them and worry them like a dog with a bone… and couldn’t get them on the phone and I’d wonder what was up, etc. etc.

It’s not really rude, to them. They are dealing with life. You just have to parse out the actual response from the wall of silence around you. Not easy.

But, don’t get mad at them. They’re doing the best they can. So are most people.


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