Best movie I’ve seen in a couple of years.


If you want to see something where tone is exquisitely set up and maintained throughout, go see this movie.

Basically, if you have a beating heart, go see it. Makes me happy to be in the movie business.

I’m not going to tell you anything about it. Just go. You will be glad, as usual, that you took my advice!!



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3 responses to “Go see INTOUCHABLES! RIGHT NOW!!

  1. Pascal

    I saw the movie two months ago in a german theater after quiet a lot of friends suggested that I should definitely see it.
    Did you really like it that much because I have to say that I was really disappointed while watching it. And that has just to do because of what I’ve learned about the way we should tell stories that touch people. I try not to spoil anything here. The initial story and because it is based on a true story has great potential and interested me. The acting is good and also the overall look of the film didn’t bother me.
    But what I didn’t like was the fact that there is not ENOUGH drama/conflict in the story. They get along way to quickly, there isn’t a real force from outside that would stop them from what they are doing and if they fail they won’t loose anything of importance to them (except their friendship, which is in this case/film not enough for me). With just a little bit of adjustment they would get what they want in the first place (I hope that makes sense but I don’t want to spoil anything). If the set up and there goals would have been a bit different I think I would have enjoyed the movie.
    Also there are some b-stories I don’t know why they are actually in the movie. They don’t support the main plot and they aren’t funny to let them be in there.
    I have to admit that there are some jokes in the movie I had to laugh and showed the potential the movie had but I have to say that after the midpoint of the movie I didn’t care anymore were those characters were going and if they would achieve what they were after (I’m not sure what that actually was; it is kind of vague).
    But that’s the thing with art you never know what the people like and what not. And a lot of people loved the movie (it has quiet a high rating a imdb)

    Best regards

    • yourscreenplaysucks

      Yeah, I adored it. Your thoughts are right on the money… except I didn’t care at all about that stuff. I just went along for the ride, and felt it was a delightful one. True, there is little jeopardy… stakes… whatever… if the thing doesn’t work, is anybody going to suffer? Probably not too much. I thought there was plenty of drama / conflict, though. Each scene had its tensions. The relationship with the daughter, with the red headed secretary, with the hero’s mother… those were fraught with some peril / heartache if the hero lost the battle. The question of the blue envelopes and what they meant, or could mean, was pretty intense, and the answering of those quesions made me get teary both times I saw it.
      I’d love to see the screenplay and see if my “screenwriting consultant” thoughts would come out and say, “this won’t be a good movie…” or would the script have pulled me along, no matter what.
      And yes, I can love it and you can not love it and neither of us are wrong.
      But don’t you want a Maserati now, cause that one sounded so fantastic?

  2. Pascal

    “[…] I can love it and you can not love it and neither of us are wrong.[…]
    And that’s the great thing about art 🙂 I will revisit the movie as soon as it is out on DVD. Maybe my opion changes after seeing it a second time.
    Just one more note: I found that all those subplots (his daughter, the “criminal” brother, ect.) had much potential but just scratched the surface a bit and so I was disappointed.
    You are definitely right: a Maserati is near at the top of my wishlist to santa for this year 😉

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