Amazingly poor camera placement… BUtterfield 8

Just watched Elizabeth Taylor win an Oscar in BUTTERFIELD 8. Not a very good movie. One she was contractually obligated to perform in, and one that she hated. But, I bet she liked the Academy Award!

I don’t know if you’re a filmmaker or solely a writer, but that movie has the WORST jump cuts in camera placement I have ever seen. And it was nominated for best Color Cinematography. The lighting was fine, but the camera placement blows.

A textbook example of awful, awful camera placement. There’s more at the beginning than later on, but there are some shots that are baffling in the extreme.

One in particular, when Laurence Harvey and Dina Merrill are skeet shooting. There is a two shot of them together, with the camera facing right… then a single, facing left, of Laurence Harvey (?!) standing there looking at (?!) both of them. Amazingly confusing.

Well worth seeing from a “I want to learn where NOT to put the camera!” perspective. Wow. How awful.

The film does have a truly great line of dialogue, though. From Liz to her long-suffering mom, who still believes her daughter is a Good Girl.

“Mama, face it. I was the slut of all time.”

Nearly made up for the wretched camera placement.


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