Everything is not so hunky dory… even long, long ago.

Just watched SCARFACE, with Paul Muni and George Raft.
Not a very good movie, really. Some stunning lighting here and there. ALL the violence happened off screen. That was a little odd.
The plot didn’t make much sense, or, rather, there was hardly any plot.

It was made in 1932. A while back.
But wow, the rules of drama. They don’t change.

One of the things I learned from a student: “Just when everything seems hunky dory… everything is so… NOT.” Yepper.
Howard Hawks sure understood that one.

I watched SCARFACE on Netflix…
at 1:19, the girl says to her beau, George Raft, “We’ll always be happy, won’t we?”
She’s shacked up with him. Her gangster brother busts in. Is displeased by the fact that Raft is doing the nasty with his sister — so he shoots him. At 1:21, he’s dead.
In a stellar piece of writing, the sister then tells Paul Muni that they had been married the day before.

Earlier in the movie, another lovely piece of writing…

How do you know a guy likes a girl? Visually, without the use of dialogue?
She throws a coin out her window to the hurdy gurdy man, and George Raft catches it. Puts her coin in his pocket and gives his own coin to the hurdy gurdy man. Never stops looking at her the whole time. It’s very clear that he thinks she’s the bee’s knees.
Not a word is spoken.


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