How I Date My Drafts… every day, a new draft

A little housekeeping re: what I do with my files as I write…

Say I’m working on a script called PARLOR TRICK… I name each complete draft with a different letter.

Parlor Trick Draft A
Parlor Trick Draft B
Parlor Trick Draft C
Parlor Trick Draft D

but, every single day when I am working, I put a date on that draft… at the start of every day, Save As a new file…

Parlor Trick Draft C Apr 19 12.fdr
Parlor Trick Draft C Apr 20 12.fdr
Parlor Trick Draft C Apr 21 12.fdr
Parlor Trick Draft C Apr 22 12.fdr

that way, if a file gets corrupted and won’t open (it happens) you only lose one day’s work.
But if you only call it Draft C… and work on it for three weeks and the file gets corrupted, you lose three weeks of work.

When I am finally done…

Parlor Trick Draft I Aug 14 12.fdr

And that is the last draft… Save As and rename that last file

Parlor Trick First Draft.fdr

with no date on it… no sense telling anybody reading it how old it is…!

Then, Save As a .pdf file (which no one can edit… they can only print it or read it, but can’t make changes.)

Parlor Trick First Draft.pdf

And that’s the one I send out.



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2 responses to “How I Date My Drafts… every day, a new draft

  1. How how HOW do you not use an autobackup program (like SugarSync) that not only handes backups but also revisions?
    I use Sugarsync (I imagine the others like Dropbox can do it too?) that lets me go into a web client and look at every version I’ve ever editted/saved/deleted. I suppose if I make a major revision I save to a new file, for reference, but if I save it ten times any good backup program should let me go back and get each one.

    • yourscreenplaysucks

      I use Carbonite. But, I still like to save a new draft on my hard drive every day. Maybe SugarSync does that too. I’ll have to check into it. Thank you!

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