Tooting My Own Horn… query letters

Just got this comment on a post. I don’t talk about my book CONSTANTLY, I don’t think, and it’s nice to share a nice comment from time to time. Sometimes I wonder if people reading the blog even know there is a book. Anyway, first the comment…


I got your book two weeks ago and I can’t believe how much it’s helped me!The techniques helped me go from 35 pages to 90 in one week. No joke!

I love your humorous style and I’m grateful for all the useful advice. You were right. My screenplay did suck! But it’s coming along quite nicely now.
(I can see producers writing me that big fat check…) Hey, I can dream!

Literally, the only thing I was a teensy bit bummed out about was that there was not a chapter giving specifics on exactly how to write a kick-ass query letter, only a chapter about how NOT to write one. That’s helpful but I was hoping for more tips in that area. Any advice or books you can recommend on writing an amazing query letter? (That mansion with a swimming pool isn’t gonna pay for itself!)

In all seriousness, thanks for writing this book. It really has helped me a lot!


Now. About query letters.
I don’t know anything about them.
Well, not much.

I wrote one years ago, after I’d had two movies made and after my friends had gotten sick of me saying, “Do you know an agent I can send my stuff to…?” Sent it out to 40 agents. None called back.

Every agent I’ve ever had, read my work because a friend held a gun to their head and said, “This guy’s material walks on water. Read this.” That’s it.

I’m about to find out about query letters though, because I’ve written one for my children’s book. I know no one in the children’s book field, so my letter and I are on our own. Fingers crossed.

There must be books and articles and blogs about query letters. If you know of a good one, let me know and I’ll share it.

Otherwise, I’m like that Jane Austen hero who lived in Beverly Hills, clueless.



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4 responses to “Tooting My Own Horn… query letters

  1. The site agent query has great information on how to write a query letter, and also has a large database of literary agents and their contact info and what they represent, and though it’s mostly geared towards books, I imagine some literary agents represent both types of writing, and the query letter tips could be useful for screenplays as well as it’s about getting the story across in a compelling, concise way.

  2. runebug

    Have you considered having an Amazon link to your book in the sidebar?

    • yourscreenplaysucks

      Nope. Oddly, what is normal behavior to most people, never occurs to me. Thank you for the suggestion! I very much appreciate it.

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