Never Apologize For Your Work. Ever.

Don’t discuss yourself, for you are bound to lose; if you belittle yourself, you are believed; if you praise yourself, you are disbelieved.
Michel de Montaigne

A caterer friend of mine once said, “Never, ever say anything bad about your cooking. They’re lucky to get it, so don’t apologize for anything.” Just shove it at ’em and know they’re better off eating than not eating.

Same is true for our writing. When you shove your work over to someone else to read, do not let the “I’m not worthy” muscle-twitch kick in.

Somehow, it’s normal to want to say “I’m sorry my work isn’t stellar,” and you SHOULD NOT EVER DO IT. EVER. Professionals do not and neither should you. Let them, if at all possible, feel sort of lucky to be able to read your work. Even if your inner worthlessness is SCREAMING to be allowed to speak, keep it bottled up and grit your teeth and grin. “Thank you for reading it.” is all you should EVER SAY. Ever.

Don’t apologize for your work. Who wants to read work that the author thinks is inferior? Who wants to eat an omelette the chef thinks is better off thrown away?


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One response to “Never Apologize For Your Work. Ever.

  1. Terry Allen

    Awesome last paragraph.

    Next time I burn the eggs on a camp-out, I’ll tell everyone I’m using Charlie Wishbone’s special recipe.

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