still on about printing to proofread

I don’t know what age everybody is out there, but I started writing on a typewriter. When I finished a page, I pulled it out of the IBM and laid it on the desk. Besides the fact that it was terribly satisfying to have a pile of pages there, a growing pile, when I felt it was time to rewrite, there the pages were.

Ready and waiting for my red pen.

I just finished a 60 page draft of a TV pilot. I need to read it over before I send it to the producer. My first instinct is to PRINT the thing. Which I did. And I will see the whole product, all 60 pages, in a different way than I do if I just read it in the computer.

When the work MATTERS, I print to proofread.
Then again, anything I write, in theory, matters.


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5 responses to “still on about printing to proofread

  1. Rhonda Misson

    I write with a pencil before I type, then I print to proof read. Even after spell check I still fin d boo boos.

    • yourscreenplaysucks

      It never hurts to have someone else read your work for you. They will see stuff you’ve proofread a dozen times.

      I’ve written entire screenplays in pencil first. It’s a wholly different way to connect brain to page.

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  4. Print print print!

    There’s nothing better than the fresh smell of ink on paper and the accomplishment of finishing the damn thing.

    PDF’s are great for E-MAIL…

    Not editing.

    So for those that want to complain… save the fuss… or stop using toilet paper…

    Probably kills more trees than a few copies of a script.

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