PODCASTS #10, #11, #12 are reaaaaaady and waiiiiiiting! More Filmmaking Sins!

Go up there to the top and click on PODCASTS! All kinds of information awaits. Join Kelley Baker, author of THE ANGRY FILMMAKER SURVIVAL GUIDE: SOUND CONVERSATIONS WITH (UN)SOUND PEOPLE, and me as we discuss all kinds of things filmmakers don’t pay attention to… that they should!!!

Filmmaking Deadly Sin Number 10 – Sacrifice Look for Performance!

Stop spending all of your time fretting over the equipment and the lighting and worry about the DAMN Performances! Work with your Actors, they don’t bite. If more filmmakers were as worried about their actor’s performances we might have worse looking films but they’d be better. Audiences will forgive a lot of technical problems but if the acting isn’t good then we’re all heading to the exits. Spend time working with your actors so that they can create believable characters and make them come alive. We’ll remember their performances longer than how your film looked.

Filmmaking Deadly Sin Number 11 – Scout Your Locations!

Where is the power? How easy is it to get to the location? Is it too LOUD to get good sound? Is it on a landing pattern of your local airport? What else didn’t you think about when you selected this location? We always want locations that look cool but there are a lot of other things you need to think about before you select one.

Filmmaking Deadly Sin Number 12 – Choose Interesting Locations!

Don’t shoot in your apartment! Or in your house if you can help it! Work hard to come up with interesting places to shoot. Make your locations add something to the story. Think about other films you’re seen, and where they were shot. Did the location add to the story or the mood.


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