movies in the theaters… TINTIN & SHERLOCK HOLMES

TINTIN is good. SHERLOCK HOLMES is godawful.

I’ve been a Tintin fan since I was 12, so they had pretty high standards to maintain. I enjoyed the heck out of it. It was different from the books, but there was plenty that was “Just like the books!” to keep me content. The story works. The characters are fine. Snowy doesn’t do any talking, but I didn’t even notice. I highly recommend it.

SHERLOCK HOLMES is a train wreck.

It’s a silly mess from the get-go. The plot never makes sense. The dialogue is too “witty and rapid paced” to mean anything. It’s just people yakking at each other for no real reason other than that the writer never quite got around to making it coherent. It seems that the filmmakers thought that if stuff happened fast enough with enough bon mots, that the poor viewer wouldn’t notice it all basically sucked.

I loved Mycroft. He seemed like he knew what movie he was in. Everyone else, with the exception of Mad Men’s Moriarty, was kinda lost and confused.

I came out of there thinking I’d watched a big mish mash of nothing. Nothing hung together. Nothing made sense. It is one of the worst movies I’ve ever seen.

Yet, some of the people I went with, loved it.
I guess I need a better class of friends.



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3 responses to “movies in the theaters… TINTIN & SHERLOCK HOLMES

  1. I hope it’s not RDj: it was the same with Ironman. Great fun 1st time around, sequel a waste of space. Shame 😦

  2. Larry N Stouffer

    I agree. If it hadn’t been for all the noisy FX I would have been able to maintain a nice nap.

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