Important Writing Lesson Found Here

This from, a great non fiction web email that sends you stuff every day… stuff you sure didn’t know…

From A Voyage Long and Strange by Tony Horwitz

Plymouth, it turned out, wasn’t even the first English colony in New England. That distinction belonged to Fort St. George in Popham, Maine. Nor were the Pilgrims the first to settle Massachusetts. In 1602 a band of English built
a fort on the island of Cuttyhunk. They came not for religious freedom but to get rich from digging sassafras, a commodity prized in Europe as a cure for the clap.

What’s the writing lesson?
Most important word LAST!


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4 responses to “Important Writing Lesson Found Here

  1. Interesting, but what is the correct URL?

  2. Ah ha! You left out an “e”

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