The Rubber Stamps are real. Trust me.

Yesterday had a phone conference with a client. A writing duo, actually. ClientS. They had just gotten their marked up script back from me, after getting 50 minutes of audio notes (btw, about 20 pages of single spaced typed notes)… and during our conversation I was amused to hear they were stunned to find that PROOFREAD! is an actual rubber stamp.

A rubber stamp that I slammed down on their screenplay. Once or twice.

They had thought that picture up there… was clip art.

It ain’t. That’s my photo, my table, a client’s script, and my rubber stamps. Those rubber stamps cost me a hundred bucks. I had them made because my clients and students make the same mistakes so often, I got tired of writing LESS DETAIL! on their work.

So, if you hire me to crit your script, be ready for the rubber stamps.

They’re real.


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