Chuck Jones Story Structure / “One Froggy Evening”

This is a GREAT way to understand writing… in about six minutes…

What does the hero want? (money)
What does the hero really need? (to get rid of the frog)
What is the inciting incident? (finding the frog)
What’s the end of the first act? (sneaking away with frog, thinking of $$$)
How is the second act: Things Get Worse? (worse and worse things happen)
What is the midpoint? (tossed out of agent’s office… a low point)
What makes the hero active? (In the scene in the theater… he tries multiple ways to solve his problem… never, ever quits trying. We respect him.)
What’s the end of the second act? (throwing fruit at theater)
What are surprises / reversals along the way?
What is the hero’s low point? (hero in the psycho hospital)
How does the hero solve his problem himself? (dumps the frog in a cornerstone)


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One response to “Chuck Jones Story Structure / “One Froggy Evening”

  1. Ian

    I actually saw this when I was in college and I never imagined viewing it as a way to study story structure before. Great breakdown. I should watch this again.

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