Print to rewrite! Print to proofread!

I am revising my pirate book.
Got about 4,000 words cut out of it rewriting the most recent draft in the computer.

Then, printed a hard copy.
Am now going through it with a red pen.
It is AMAZING how much more clearly I can see what to cut when it’s on paper.
I am cutting a ton more than I thought possible.

I am also seeing far more story problems and hiccups than I saw when I read it in the computer.

Thought I’d share.



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7 responses to “Print to rewrite! Print to proofread!

  1. Colleen

    Same for me! I found even reading on my iPad gives a whole new perspective. Mistakes jump out.

    • yourscreenplaysucks

      Nice thing about an iPad, is that it is shaped like a page. Unlike my laptop, which is shaped, sorta, like half a page. I’ve been looking at half pages on computers since my Kaypro, so I’m used to it by now.

  2. Rhonda Misson

    Even with all our electronic gagets, reading our efforts on paper is still the “final solution”.

  3. Christian

    Holy shit! I printed it out and found a million “over-directing” phrases. It’s amazing our brains work differently with LCD vs paper.

    • yourscreenplaysucks

      The printing thing is a constant battle with my students. Glad to see someone out there thinks I’m right. Mention my little blog kindly somewhere on the Internet and warm my black heart. Good luck.

  4. Colleen

    “Judge Judy-ing” your script can ONLY be done properly after printing it out. If my pages don’t resemble the ones in your book where you go to town on the script about a killer monster in some lady’s apartment—(brown wood paneling ect) I haven’t looked hard enough. I try and mark the crap out of each page. Trying to out Will Akers Will Akers. I have no blog, but I am a TV anchor and can try and slip in how right you are on the topic during cross-talk with the weatherman. PS- just sent you a script for review last week. Now I’m reading into every new post on your website… thinking it’s in response to reading my script. I’ve officially gone crazy.

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