ROTTEN TOMATOES LIED!!! our idiot brother… idiot idiot idiot…

I can’t remember what RT gave OUR IDIOT BROTHER. More than 50%. It’s awful. It’s at about 25% in my book, and that’s being kind.

I had a visceral reaction from the first five minutes and I can’t really say why. I disliked it intensely, early. Maybe it was because the hero, Paul Rudd, who is superb, is so put upon and it all seemed so fake. He is sweet and everyone treats him badly and he just does such dumb things over and over and over and over and he never ever learns and never ever changes.

The only change is when he yells at his sisters right at the end. He never figures out NOT to quit doing stupid things. And, assuming he’s about 35, they still keep telling him their secrets — even after a presumed lifetime of his being an idiot and telling their secrets to the world.

The writer of 500 DAYS OF SUMMER talked to my class. He was fantastic. One of the things he told us kept booming in my mind in the theater last night… “We wanted to write a romantic comedy where everything could actually happen.” This movie is filled with stupid shit that no one would ever do in real life.

Why do we forgive that in a movie?
Why do executives force crap like that on writers who are talented and nice and whose dogs think they are swell?

It’s the damndest thing.

I was told by a friend this afternoon, who called as he walked from the theater and said, “You HAVE to see this movie, the Guard.” So I’m going.



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6 responses to “ROTTEN TOMATOES LIED!!! our idiot brother… idiot idiot idiot…

  1. Thom

    You should read the script… It’s worse.

    • yourscreenplaysucks

      Oh my. I kept wondering, while watching the film, “What did they put in the water for all those talented actors to attach to this thing?”

  2. That movie was a piece of shit. I’ll review it for my site one day however, and go in-depth about my hatred for it.

    • yourscreenplaysucks

      The amazing thing is that nobody tries to make a bad movie… it just seems to happen despite the best efforts of a lot of people. It’s always a mystery. But, it generally can be blamed on the script.

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