Proofread… Schmoofread!

Found these on line when I was looking for something for an article I’m doing for SCRIPT magazine. Thought you might like to see them, so you can pass them on to your proofreading challenged friends.

their (possessive form of they)
there (in that place)
they’re (contraction of they are)

accept (a verb, meaning to receive or to admit to a group)
except (usually a preposition, meaning but or only)

who’s (contraction of who is or who has)
whose (possessive form of who)

its (possessive form of it)
it’s (contraction of it is or it has)

your (possessive form of you)
you’re (contraction of you are)

affect (usually a verb, meaning to influence)
effect (usually a noun, meaning result)

than (used in comparison)
then (refers to a time in the past)

were (form of the verb to be)
we’re (contraction of we are)
where (related to location or place)

Nice to see ’em gathered in one place.


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