Sequel? Help me out here…

I am CONSIDERING a sequel to Your Screenplay Sucks!. Considering thinking about beginning to ruminate about the possibility of starting to ponder about maybe doing one. Possibly.

I was driving to a meeting yesterday and had this thought: that a lot of YSS! is about basic writing, words on a page, how to write a clean concise sentence, etc. I don’t want to do that again. The first book was about that.

Maybe the second book, if there ever is going to be one, should be one notch higher. You’ve read the first one about six or eight times, done the checklist on a couple of scripts, made them better… so what do you want to know now?

What would you like to see in another book by yours truly?

I’d really like to know.

Please email me at wma at yourscreenplaysucks dot com. Put YSS! sequel idea in the subject line… and tell me what you want me to write about. At this point, the sky’s the limit.

I may never do it. But I would like to know what you want. And what you need.

Thank you.



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15 responses to “Sequel? Help me out here…

  1. If you’d be so kind as to address aspects of writing for TV, that’d be appreciated.

    IMHO, the two disciplines of movie and tv writing are close, but differ in some very important ways that regular screenwriting tomes fail to capture.

    In particular: pacing for 4, 5 or 6 act dramas, how faster pacing for TV works, the principles behind writing with commercial breaks in mind, and the different kinds of entries & exits to acts and using them to build up genuine tension and drama.

  2. Brooke

    Hi. I love your blog. I haven’t written enough to even know what I would look for in a sequel…but if you do write a sequel, I hope you call it “Your Screenplay Still Sucks!” Just because.

    • yourscreenplaysucks

      That has been the plan, to call it Your Screenplay STILL Sucks! Thrilled you love the blog. Tell your writer buddies!

  3. Benny Mason

    I looked at your IMDB and you’ve written mostly shit. Really? The guy who wrote Ernest Rides Again is going to tell other people how to write. My only hope is that those who can’t do, teach. Blake Snyder is a mediocre writer as well, but wrote a very helpful and pragmatic approach to writing in Save the Cat. I hate to be a pessimist, but convince me that I didn’t just go waste $25 on a book by a guy who sucks as a writer and just decided the best way to vent his anger and feel less “loserly” (know it’s not a word) was to write a book pointing out why everyone else sucks too.

    • yourscreenplaysucks

      I got paid. The movie got made. It was aimed at eight year old kids and their baby sitters and was very successful at what it aimed to be. No one felt we were curing cancer. Have you seen the movie, or are you assuming it’s shit because it was an Ernest film? How do you know the other things I’ve written are shit? Have you seen them or read the scripts? If you paid $25 for the book, I’d be surprised as it lists for $20 and is less on Amazon. Hope you didn’t get ripped off. And how do you know I suck as a writer? Have you read my work? What makes you think I am angry?

      Finally, read the book and then send in your comment. I hope you didn’t waste your money either.

  4. Will

    From one Will to another: I’m all for a sequel, as I enjoyed Your Screenplay Sucks!, and it has helped my screenplays to be less sucky. I promise I’ll buy it if you promise not to pick on Le Samourai again in the next volume (it’s one of my all-time favorites).

    Do we have a deal?

    • yourscreenplaysucks

      We have a deal! I am going to watch THE RED CIRCLE when I get a little more work out of the way, as I hear it’s fantastic. I am a giant Montand fan, saw him sing at the Greek Theatre in Los Angeles many moons ago. Glad the book is helping. As I said to someone recently, from what people tell me, for the book to work best, you have to read it several times. Who knew?


    Mr. Akers,

    I read your request for suggestions. I have one that me be of service. How does a screenwriter go about introducing characters. Granted, if there are a limited number of characters it ‘s easy. However, what if your writing a script about a team. A team with a large number of players.

    An example that comes to mind is in “Major League.” I believe the locker room scene was used effectively for the introduction of the main characters in this movie. What suggestions would you offer?

    Hope this helps,



  6. Carpenter,
    try reading Linda Aronson’s 21st Century Screenplay. Its coverage of the issues you’re interested in is encyclopedic.

  7. Hi Wil. I had emailed you quite a while back about a one-line outline sample. You were kind enough to send me one.

    Your book did discuss them a bit, but that sort of thing is what I would like to see in the next book is something to help put the screenplay together, particularly how to weave multiple plots into the story as an outline.

    I guess you would outline each story separately and then merge them later.

    Anyhow, your sample helped me quite a bit. It would be great to see more one-line outline samples and to hear more about outlining.

    There is very little out there about outlining.

    Most of the books don’t discuss that much at all.

  8. Will, yes, please write it! I’ve read far FAR too many screenwriting books and 99 percent of them were either boring as hell or too elementary for an advanced writer. Why can’t someone just tell me what I’m doing wrong?! Then I picked up “Your Screenplay Sucks.” Boy was I pleasantly surprised. It’s one of maybe three books on screenwriting that I recommend. So, thank you.
    As this blog proves, you clearly have more to say. I’ll certainly read the book if you write it. From the library though -I’m still a broke writer. Look forward to STILL sucks.

    • yourscreenplaysucks

      Thank you for the kind words on the book. Please tell people to get it. And / or write an Amazon review. Or both. I’m glad you found it useful. One of these days, I’ll do the sequel. One of these days…

  9. “Those who can’t do, teach”.

    Well thank the Lord above! Because i would be lost in writer’s hell without them. I don’t care if you do or don’t writer blockbusters. All I care about is that you help me write mine, and ‘YSS!’ has certainly done that!

    If for Field and McKee, I wouldn’t have the first clue to how to structure a screenplay, and if if not for your good self, I would be behind the eight ball when my script was presented to any reader.

    What it’s taken me a long time to say is: I’m just a beginner, but I feel I’m off to a good solid start because of books like yours and would certainly welcome a sequel.

    And for those who think I’m a mate of the author, I’m not. I’m an Aussie storeman… who wants to win an Oscar. 😉 Oh, and I write graphic novels.

  10. …and I really, really wish I had proof-read the above post before sending.

    How embarrassing.

    • yourscreenplaysucks

      Yeah, though I like the part where perhaps you didn’t proofread, saying that you didn’t learn anything about structure from Field and McKee and learned it all from me. I liked that part a lot!

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