Can you give dialogue to your heroine?

I’m in the middle of a script. Hope it’s good! One of the notes I got was, “Make your heroine more active.”

I’m going through it now, reading it and putting in changes. One thing I am doing A LOT is taking dialogue away from the heroine’s two buddies and giving it to the heroine.

I think it’s going to help a lot. In earlier drafts, I gave some of the choicest lines to the sidekick, instead of my main character. By just changing who says it (and tweaking the dialogue so it sounds like the right girl is saying it) it will make my lead character a more interesting, take-charge kinda girl.

A tiny hint, but one that is going to pay off well.


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One response to “Can you give dialogue to your heroine?

  1. Melody Lopez

    funny sidekicks are the bomb…I love that…

    I’m curious how the person giving you notes can know where you are headed if perhaps her passive ways is part of how you’ve got her drawn in her head? unless what is really is happening is that the main character disappears because you may like the sidekick more.

    you say to have interesting minor characters… I’m not trying to say the note is wrong…but I’m just wondering if it could be premature comment?

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