K.H. Rule Of Drama… Risky Business style

I don’t know why the K.H. Rule of Drama is so fascinating to me. Maybe it’s because one of my students taught it to me.

“Just when everything seems hunky dory, everything is so… not.”

Watched RISKY BUSINESS today. What a great movie! I remember liking it a lot when I saw it the first time, but whoa, does it hold up perfectly. And, by the way, it is one of the best shot films, ever. Photographed by Bruce Surtees and Reynaldo Villalobos, it is STELLAR for lighting and camera placement. You want to learn where to put the camera, watch RISKY BUSINESS ten times with the sound off.

Anyway. The K.H. Rule of Drama means that right when the greatest thing that can happen to your character happens, the WORST thing just got teed up and is going to knock him on his ass.

So, Lana asks Joel if he’d like to make love in a train… who wouldn’t? So they do. And it’s great. One of the great sexy moments in all of movie history, frankly. If you haven’t seen it, do yourself a favor.

So, Joel comes back from THAT… feeling fantastic… his every wish granted, every dream realized… he walks inside, and everything in his house is GONE! Stolen by Guido, the killer pimp. A bad moment. About as 180 degrees away from the sex-on-the-train moment as is possible to get.

The perfect way to launch us into the rest of the movie. Yay!


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