86 “make his way”

I’ve had it.
I just critiqued a screenplay that says, “he makes his way” three times in three pages and I am officially banning the phrase forever.

If it’s something I see a lot, you can imagine how many times people who read scripts for a living see that offending phrase… so GET RID OF IT.

“he makes his way”
“they make their way”

Your writing is automatically better!!!



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4 responses to “86 “make his way”

  1. fixer

    i think people use this phrase because they don’t understand how else to say it. a good way to say it would be “he crosses”

    • yourscreenplaysucks

      The script I just critiqued had “makes his way” in it six times.
      He crosses… works.
      He moves…
      He hurries…
      He slinks…

      Lots of ways to skin a cat. You don’t HAVE to say it the same old way.

      I just have to figure that if I’m sick of it, some readers out there are sick of it too.

  2. My pet peeve is “What are you talking about?” in dialogue. Drives me nuts.

    • yourscreenplaysucks

      Oh yeah. I LOATHE that one. “How can you tell someone doesn’t take care with their writing?” “What are you talking about?”

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