Pretty cool.

I am comforted that others have messier offices than do I.


I am constantly defeated, however by my inability to make this LINK tool work.
What shows that I am smarter than a rock is that I have stopped wasting time trying to figure the motherfucker out.

If you want to see the cool thing, cut and paste the above link.
I ain’t tryin’ to make it work as a hot link no more.



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3 responses to “Workspaces

  1. Annie

    Cool! I identify most with Einstein. Most of those desks look pretty damn clean to me.

  2. Péter (Berlin, Germany)

    I know how to “figure the motherfucker out” and wanted to tell you, but when I tried to repeat the steps, I figured out that had forgotten my password to my wordpress account.
    So now I can’t. Bummer.

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