Where do critics go for critique?!

Wow. The holidays have clobbered my desire to blog. Wonder why. First holiday season I’ve been through as a certified blogger, and boy, did I drop the blogging ball. Anyway, if there are any of you out there still reading this stuff…

My question today… What does a guy do who critiques screenplays when he needs notes on his own script? Well, he does what everyone does, he asks his friends. And he’s lucky if his friends are people who critique screenplays. John Truby has sent me his stuff, asking for notes. And today, I got a set of notes from my buddy Barbara Schiffman. Wow, is she marvelous.

The good news is that the holiday spirit didn’t fry all her brain cells, so she still had a few left over for my script.

Here’s the deal with someone who gives you notes… whether they are paid for or free. (I hope that if they’re paid for, they are good. I have to assume they are.) Generally, you’ll get the ONE GREAT NOTE that makes it worthwhile. Worth the time, worth the money, worth the sore neck and carpal tunnel from the typing during the conversation.

And that’s what I got from Barbara. She gave me the single stellar idea that’s going to make the script really, really work. Yay!

And you too can have Barbara’s expertise! And mine! Because today, a book is out on Amazon with chapters in it by Barbara and me. And a BUNCH of other clever folks. So get it. It’s called Now Write! Screenwriting. It’s writing exercises. A whole book filled with superb exercises from screenwriters and writing coaches and teachers, etc.

One’s in there from me. One from Barbara.

So get the book. It’s a hell of a book. And Barbara is a hell of a note-giver.


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