When I write, I don’t worry about factual stuff.

Well, that is not to say I don’t ever worry about it. I don’t worry about it when writing the first draft of the script. That is for character and dialogue and action and structure and all that stuff, but it’s not necessarily about research and facts and (God forbid) perfection.

So, to that end, while I’m beavering way, and I reach a point where I’m not sure about something, I put an asterisk in there. Forgive the incorrect screenplay format… one of my kind readers told me how to format something in WordPress, and I am sure it was terribly simple to do, but I tried, I really tried, and parts of my brain melted and ran out my ears. So, wrong format.

Those pesky Zeros came in low over Clark airfield and bombed the Arizona. It made an awful mess.

Yes, Todd, *December second is a day that will live in infamy.

Nice dialogue. First draft for sure.

But with the asterisk in there, I can keep writing, knowing I’ll come back later and fix it. My first, second, third, fourth, fifth, etc. drafts are chock a block with asterisks.

When you want to fix stuff, CTRL F or Apple F for *. Bink bink bink bink, all the way through the script. As I find an asterisk, I go somewhere (maybe deep in my brain) and solve the problem posed by that asterisk. Then I erase it. When they’re all gone, your script is perhaps done.

Damn those Zeros!

December seventh sucked, brah.

See, ninth draft dialogue! What an improvement! I am SO talented.


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