Print One Story, then work on it

My suggestion for a Sunday morning…

Your script is built of separate stories which you have cleverly woven together. And when you have a draft, they either work or they don’t. It’s VERY tough to see each of the separate strands once they have been woven into the rope that is your script.

So separate the strands into threads and look at them closely.

Save your script AS My Script Hero / Opponent and today’s date.

That’s the whole script… and now you cut out everything that’s NOT the hero / opponent story. Your script will be a lot shorter and it will only be one story. Easy to follow.

Easy to find mistakes in!
Easy to fix.
When you have only the A story laying there, it’s way simpler to see the flaws. Hell, you CAN see them. If it’s 114 pages long, you can’t tell what doesn’t work in any of the separate strands of your tale.

So print the Hero / Opponent script. Print the Hero / Wife script. Print the Hero / Girlfriend script. Print the Girlfriend / Wife story. Print them separately and fix them separately, then when they work better, wrap them back together.

Into a screenplay, and then read that. And rewrite it.

Then do it all over again.



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2 responses to “Print One Story, then work on it

  1. Vlad

    Any chance Final Draft has some sort of app for this?

    • yourscreenplaysucks

      I don’t know how it could work, as it’s too non-computery to figure out what to keep and what to cut. They may have an app that prints every scene with a specific character in it, but you would also want to have scenes where they are discussed…

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