Dialogue Overheard During Tornado…

Well, sorta overheard.

I have my students keep a log all semester of dialogue they overhear. They’re always wanting to copy it off TV shows, which semester after semester, I must inform them, doesn’t count. This wouldn’t count either, but it’s fascinating to listen to real people talking. Under stress.

The other fun thing is reading the comments. Some are to the effect of “how did they get that nice apartment…?”

If I were the teacher and you turned in this script… would I say, “Nobody says ‘dude’ that much in real life…” ???



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2 responses to “Dialogue Overheard During Tornado…

  1. Tim Butler

    How to make a non event out of an event. I heard a better one on a bus in Oxford. A middle aged woman and a pretty girl in her early twenties – possibly mother and daughter talking about going on holiday.

    Is it nice this place you’re going to?

    Oh yeah. It’s really posh.

    Oh right. That sounds great.

    Yeah. It’s like, celebrity posh.


    • yourscreenplaysucks

      Amazing what you hear. Can’t remember if I blogged this one or not… but I overheard it in a parking garage. Correct word order and everything. “She’s buying an apartment in New Jersey. I asked her if she wanted the phone number of a good arsonist.”

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